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Innovative scientific research is essential in the quest to develop new therapies for medical conditions.

By anonymously sharing your lifestyle data, you are giving researchers the qualitative and quantitative information needed in the ongoing struggle against disease.

World Health Survey is a rapidly growing platform where millions of people will be matched with thousands of clinical trials.

Who should take the World Health Survey?

You should donate 10 minutes of your time to complete the survey if:

  1. You want to participate in a clinical trial as a person with a condition.

  2. You want to participate in a clinical trial as a paid healthy participant.

  3. You believe you can help researchers develop therapies and treatments by anonymously sharing your survey results.

  4. You want to be notified about new drugs and therapies related to conditions and diseases you are coping with.

  5. You want to be notified of new side effects that have been discovered about the drugs, vitamins, and supplements you are taking.

  6. You want be notified about research projects in your area that are paying for volunteers.

  7. You want to be interviewed about a clinical trial you have completed.

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